Public Sale


CROSS LINK allows you to actually buy and sell land between users.

Each land is divided into certain units, such as prefectures and municipalities, and is traded at the exhibition price.

If the land you want to buy is not on display, or you do not know how to use the sale site, please ask at the official discord etc.

What is land!?

The land has effects such as guiding raid bosses.

Having land is extremely advantageous for the action of the game.

However, cross-linking as a blockchain game has other advantages of having land.

Local items will be excavated from the cross-link land. In addition, a portion of the sales of local items will be distributed to the owner of the land.

Local items will be posted by the general public in the future so that you can increase them more and more.

As a result, tie-ups with various organizations, local governments, countries, etc. will be carried out.

Tha Land of CrossLink, you can divide to small pieces(minimum size is about 120m x 120m triangle), of course you can put a price to each one. Land can be sold in a subdivision.

You can also name the land you bought!

The price of the land is for the one that can not be exhibited unless it is always a higher price than the previous purchaser.

This is because we don’t want something with very large price fluctuations (volatility) like cryptocurrencies.

We aim to make purchases with peace of mind by game players and various stakeholders.

In addition, land that the price went up too much can be reduced by dividing the price per block.

If you own land until after the game is released, the land owner can earn money from the game’s players.

Land owners create a healthy ecosystem that invites events to attract other players for revenue.

The price of land is made by intertwining all these elements.

Cross-link land has a large meaning as virtual real estate, and we are moving to increase its value as cross-link developments continue to grow.


Crosslink is also aimed at a platform. We believe that creating two or three games will further increase the revenue and value of the land.

Crosslink is aiming for the world’s largest market cap game, so we’re still going to expand it.