What is CrossLink?


A game that connects real and virtual

The CrossLink project is a game development project that aims to create a completely new gaming experience that combines GPS and blockchain.
We will develop a game that has never been seen before, with users making games based on the concept of a game that connects real and virtual.

Concept Interview

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Aiming to become the world's best blockchain game

CrossLink is already in a position where you can aim for the top level in blockchain games.

A completely new game where various elements in the game are connected with the real through land tokens.

Many people who sympathized with the concept purchased land tokens, creating a further increase in the value of land tokens.

Life energy is the key to the game!

Raid Boss to move!

Raid Boss heads to a place with high life energy!

In Raid Boss, where the higher the damage contribution at the time of subjugation, the more rewards are, and it is advantageous to predict the course and damage efficiently!
Predict where more Raid Bosses will appear and prepare for the next raid!

Land owners can guide Raid Boss's course

If you own land and a game player charges you on land that you own based on your location, a portion of your revenue will be backed back to the landowner.


The CrossLink incorporates elements of Idle games x location games.

The difficult operation is pear, we aim at a system that the game advances just by leaving it alone.

All screenshots are under development.