We are actively looking for people who can tie up!

At CrossLink, we aim to tie up with various local heroes and companies.
By tie-up, to create local items in the game,
A collection of various items linked to the reality that can be said to be almost infinite is realized.

For sponsored supporters, rewards and incentives are generated on CrossLink using blockchain.

I think that the way of thinking about the merit will change for each person who received the tie-up, but rather than volunteering in cooperation with various people,

We are looking for people who share benefits over the long term and become a continuous partner.

It is an important point to connect to the position, and a very large number of people have participated in the event of the location information game up to now.

At CrossLink, users use their own incentives to conduct not only prizes and rewards, but also various local limited items and events.

There will be an unprecedented local event.

In addition, the tie-up of existing events and CrossLink will bring synergy to each other.

Therefore, I would like to hold an event with people who are interested in CrossLink!

CrossLink is a game that connects with reality.

We will proceed with development if we can provide the following user experience. It’s an experience that wasn’t really possible in a previous game.

Real heroes come out in the game!

Characters and avatars such as local heroes will also appear in the game. In addition, you can actually tie up with the local event, and when you go to the site, you can get items that do not play games.

Local hero in the travel destination! And if it’s actually an event, or if it’s reflected in the game!?

Local items can be obtained in the game

Campaigns are conducted, such as items can be obtained in the game by going to actual locations, stores, etc.

local governments, shopping streets, private stores, companies,

If it is not contrary to public order and morals, I hope to tie up positively!

Tie-up reception form is here.

List of tie-ups